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Bristol Plays Music

Summer Academy - Sound Effects

This week I will be running a two-day workshop exploring the wonderful world of foley and sound effects in film. Over the course, participants will be learning how to create their own unique sound effects from objects around the house and looking to add these onto a short film to create a unique soundtrack all on their own!

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Bristol Plays Music

Summer Academy - Ambient Jam

Over the next two weeks, my colleges and I will be hosting some 'ambient jam' sessions online. These sessions are aimed at young people who want to experience playing music at the same time with each other without the lag that is found over online platforms. The 'ambient' nature of the jams allows for freedom of expression and means that 'lag' isn't too much of a problem! Think Brian Eno meets Phillip Glass but with any instrument you can lay your hands on at home (including pots and pans!)

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Bristol Plays Music

Summer Academy - Songwriting Course

"Would you like to write a pop song, a rock song, a power ballad? This is your opportunity to work with a small group of other young people to be the writers of a brand new hit! You choose the lyrics, the chords, the melody and together create your own unique song that you will be able to sing along to by the end of this session"

Over the next two weeks, I will be hosting a couple of song-writing short courses through the Bristol Plays Music Summer Academy. 

These workshops will have a focus on originality and creativity and and allow participants to create a song from scratch using fun and interactive activities.

No previous experience necessary! 

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