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What is inclusive music?

Inclusive music is music that is accessible to everyone, with a particular focus on young disabled people with special educational needs.

Activities and instruments in inclusive music sessions are adapted to the individual needs of every music participant to ensure that they can access music and express themselves musically without boundaries or barriers.

Here you will find information about various inclusive music organisations in Bristol that Tara is involved in. Follow the links to find out more information or give Tara a call to chat about how you could take part in these sessions!


"SENDaWelcome are a small group of volunteers working in Bishopston, Bristol who are striving to make our community a more inclusive place for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to live, play and access opportunities."

Tara runs inclusive music workshops through SENDaWelcome on a Saturday morning. The Saturday morning music activities include listening, composing, conducting, dancing and exploring instruments using conventional instruments and music technology. The workshops promote social interactions through music making and encourage participants to express themselves through music and movement.

The Saturday morning group have performed at local charity events raising money for SENDaWelcome with support from Tara's singing students and band The Rin Tins. 


For more information, visit: 

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Open Orchestras

"Open Orchestras supports Music Education Hubs, arts organisations and schools to create orchestras that are accessible to young disabled people." 

Tara has been working with Open Orchestras for over 6 years, starting with them when they were in the pilot phase of the company. She has worked with several different orchestras in various settings and has been training new and experienced music leaders from all around the country how to access high quality music making through accessible instruments and program development for the past three years.

Through Open Orchestras, Tara has had access to the latest groundbreaking music technology that has opened up a world of possibilities for young disabled people and accessible music making. 


Tara's favourite part about being a trainer and mentor to Open Orchestras around the country has been meeting enthusiastic like-minded music leaders and musicians who have a real passion for exploring accessible music. Seeing wonderful results from participants and hearing so many success stories really show how impactive inclusive music can be on a young persons life and personal wellbeing.

For more information, visit

National Centre for Inclusive Excellence

The National Centre for Inclusive Excellence (NCIE) is a national initiative, established by Bristol Music Trust, which aims to transform the music industry and education sectors by removing barriers to participation at all levels. To do this, the NCIE brings together partners from the music industry, higher education, local and national government, and creative and cultural organisations to connect the dots between music education and the music industry.

Tara has been working with the Flow Creative group who have been partaking in activities such as song writing, learning instruments, learning popular songs, improvising, playing games and having a good laugh while forming friendships that will last a lifetime.

These groups are perfect for any young disabled person who has an interest in music and wants to play and create with other like minded people. You will have the opportunity to work with music industry professionals while using the latest in music technology and high quality musical instruments. 

If you would like to find out more about these wonderful projects, please visit:

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