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Welcome to Music with Tara!

Here you will find information about the types of lessons I offer and what we could cover in a session.

All of my lessons are fully adaptable to the individual needs of each student, whether it's learning how to sing in a particular style, improving vocal health, learning an instrument, accompaniment skills or building confidence to sing/play in front of others.

My lessons range from complete beginner to the performing professional, encompassing all ages and abilities. It's never too 'early' or 'late' to connect with your musical voice!

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Are you a 'hairbrush singer'? Do you belt out in your car on a sunny summer day? Fancy yourself a 'shower rock star'?  Why not take the next step and become that confident singer you've always wanted to be!

Through years of teaching experience and maintaining a positive, encouraging attitude, I firmly believe that EVERYONE can sing. From self-professed 'tone deaf' students to those wanting to take that brave step on stage or into the studio, I can help you discover your voice and feel confident in your own unique musical flair. 



Are you a professional singer who gets vocally tired after a gig? Struggle to maintain vocal energy throughout a performance? Ever end up losing your voice from over working it?

Vocal health and correct technique are at the core of all of my singing lessons, particularly for seasoned performers who use their voice regularly. Having completed my Estill Voice Training Figure Proficiency in June 2019 and currently on the pathway to becoming an Estill Master Trainer, I have acquired extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the voice, including the relationship between POWER (air, lungs and torso), SOURCE (the larynx and internal structures) and FILTER (resonating chambers above the focal folds) I can inform and guide you through techniques that will help improve vocal endurance and health.

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Want to learn basic chord accompaniment to your favourite songs? Learn your favourite fugues and sonatas? Discover how to solo over your favourite chord progression?

With over 25 years playing piano and 15 years teaching it, you can be sure to learn everything you want to know about this marvellous instrument!

My tailored and fun lessons can include the following:
* Music theory and reading music
* Learning how to accompany yourself and others
* Exams and grading
* Chord progressions in various styles
* Composition
* Learning how to improvise and solo in various styles
* Learning music technology and recording techniques using professional grade equipment and music software


Learn singing and/or instruments from the comfort of your own home!

Improve your English whilst learning your favourite songs!

I offer professional online lessons through an advanced portal "". This online platform is superior to Zoom, Skype and Teams as it has a 'no lag' audio function which allows us to play and sing together at the same time. Check out the website for more info and contact me to sign up today!

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